About Healthy Body Moves

Healthy Body Moves created moving through life easier for all.   You will move from back pain to better awareness of how you are moving to make changes.   Posture is like calling you a statue, Acture is like being human where you are always in action.   Posture is not static, but very movable, like you.

We are here for those that want to live life to the fullest.  Being aware, learning, sensing and feeling the best you can be.  If you are living with pain, it is not natural nor part of the aging process.  Your physical organization is off.

People we work with are:



Birth can be very traumatic, give the gift of a 15 minute lesson to your new born to keep them thriving and release the strain for child birth for a better start to a new life!!  This new start has had child develop much faster than a parent had expected.  The child learns easier and has a more creative mind.


This method provides children with experiences that give them an opportunity to upgrade their movement,  to increase their learning,  be more creative to up the overall performance in their lives.

Children with special Needs

Child with Cerebral Palsy

Children that have had a Stroke during child birth,  Cerebral Palsy, Autism, ADD/ADHD, and many other neurological concerns.

Working with you the parent and your child’s loving team and your child.  Bringing more possibilities to the child and taking them to the next step of their development.

We do travel to other locations and countries.


This method brings awareness of how you are moving.  Most people believe that pain is a part of aging.  What I have noticed from working with many, many people from different walks of life is that people change in their movement patterns they feel 10 years younger, their thinking is sharper, they seem to have more pleasure in their lives, and they are open to learn faster than before starting lessons.  I highly recommend that business people do these lesson at least once per week to get the flow of their brain going better to preform better in their business, creating better solution and creative thinking to overcome situations that are challenging for their business.

For those entrepreneurs that want more for their business and their life I suggest doing one-on-one lessons.  The lesson is for your body, mind and soul to get you to the highest level of accomplishment available to you at this moment and when you achieve your next goal, dream or vision, you will see further to accomplish your next goal, dream or vision.


Singers and those that play instruments benefit by freeing their diaphragm, learning many ways to play their instrument or use their voice.  The tone of playing a musical instruments changes for a profound better sound.  The voice has less stress and can reach new levels of tone.


Athletes that want the edge on their sport. This changes when you move through each joint easily.  When you move more of yourself, you will never want to go back to the way you were playing your sport.

One client said, “Once we were done I felt my entire body is an entirely new way.  The shoulders were better—hanging with gravity now up around my ears.  I could feel my pelvis is a whole different way and my golf swing felt so much more powerful!  I can hardly wait to try it on the range and course!  Getting the left side to ease its tension was magical.  Thank you so much!”

Asking Connie to go back and swing the way she had in the past was a no way.  She had found a new way of swinging the golf club and will look forward to continued improvement in her game of golf.

Vitality & Anti-Aging

Brain fog, body pain, and decreased eyesight and movement are not a sign of aging.  We are taught that they are, but through experience in my life, I have found it is through lack of new movement.

Asking clients if they feel they found their thinking better from doing the movement lessons and they said yes.  One woman said she could feel the difference as she had only started the doing lessons for a year and noticed many differences in her body, such as; she was not as tense as in the past, her thinking is much clearer and she can move much better.

Another woman that has been in classes for over 10 years cannot speak about that, but compared to her circle of aging friends she notices how their minds are starting to slow down and finds her cognitive thinking has not deteriorated like her peers.

Back, neck and shoulder pain can be reduced by doing a few simple movements daily.

Other concerns we have had some wonderful results with TMJ, Frozen Shoulder and Incontinence issues.  This is something people have reversed.

As long as there is a learning brain, life will change!