Stretch Your Life through Karen Toth Self-Development Method using Feldenkreis, Pilates Other Practices

"Science is not a person, it is a process. there is no one truth that is unchangeable. Science depends on improvements and new discoveries."

Are you an adult who suffers from back, neck or shoulder pain?

Would you like to live with more vitality, balance, strength and flexibility?

Did your doctor tell you to increase your "core strength"?

Do you believe you deserve to live the life you want?

Do you have a special needs child that you want to learn how to move in a pain free, non invasive way?

Have you recently suffered from a stroke and want to get moving again?

Would you like to be able to keep up with your active children and/or grandchildren?

Call 519-743-5375 NOW to find out how to live the way you want. Strength, balance, flexibility!

Change the way you think, feel and move. Be strong. Live Fully.

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The Feldenkrais brochure that explains Feldenkrais and its benefits. (Provided by the Feldenkrais Guild of North America).

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Karen was interviewed by Francesca Durham on BlogTalkRadio where she talked about the Feldenkrais method. Click here to listen to the full interview.

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For example, did you know that Scientists don’t always know why alternative therapies make the hurting stop. But a growing body of evidence suggests they work. Visit Drug-free Remedies for Chronic Pain.



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