New 6 week online course:

Vitality: How to Feel Younger NOW!!

6 week course starting Thursday March 10th, 7pm EST online or in person for 75 minutes each week including a Q & A.

  • There will be a movement lesson each week both online and in person (same class)
  • Talking about Anat Baniel’s Nine Essentials (R)
  • A 10-15 minute Q & A
  • Online class is $37 paid through Paypal (button below)
  • There are 7 spaces for people to join the live class payment $120 cash or check to me

Who would benefit from this course?

Those that want to remain flexible in mind, body, soul throughout the entire span of their life.

Those that enjoy learning more about their bodies.

Those that want more out of life, more pleasure, freedom of choice, think outside the box.

Those that want more clarity in their thinking, actions and feelings.

Those that want to be more sensuality and excitement in their life.

Those that want more for themselves, their family and their community.

Those that want to live with less pain and strain.

Those that want to move freely, explore new moves and connect to their higher self!

Those that want a powerful relationship with their body!

Those that want to release past trauma’s their bodies and minds.

Those that want to live with vibrancy, clarity of thought.

Those that want to live with more well-being.




Week 1 –

  •  Learn fundamentals:
    • Get up from laying on your back.
    • Learn to do a body scan.
    • Get a picture of yourself through your minds eye I call a body scan.
    • Notice subtle changes.
  •  A story about Moshe Feldenkrais.
  •  A movement lesson to get you started on feeling younger.
  • 2 of Anat Baniel’s Nine Essentials (R) 1. Movement with Attention, 2.Slow to start integrating the Essentions to become part of your daily life
  • Q & A

Week 2-

  • 2 More of Anat Baniel’s Nine Essentials (R) 3. Variation, 4. Subtlety
  • The reason I came to this work and my personal transformation.
  • Movement lesson #2 to feeling younger.
  • Q & A

Week 3-

  • 1 of my favourite Nine Essentials (R) 5. Enthusiasm
  • Movement lesson #3 based on that essential
  • Teaching and coaching some ideas while doing the lesson to make it a bigger part of your daily life.
  • Q & A

Week 4-

  • 2 more of the Nine Essentials (R) 6. Flexible Goals, 7. The Learning Switch
  • Movement lesson #4
  • Bringing you to your authenticity
  • Q & A

Week 5-

  • 2 more of the Nine Essentials (R) 8. Imagination and Dreams, 9. Awareness
  • Movement lesson #5
  • Exploring posture and “acture” (coined by Moshe Feldenkrais)
  • Q & A

Week 6-

  • Review the Nine Essentials (R)
  • Movement lesson #6: my clients raved about suggesting this course.
  • Discuss the benefits you have found doing this course during the Q & A.
  • How I can better serve you to achieve your goal of living with more vitality!

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