Awareness Through Movement Classes

Group classes where a teacher guides you through a movement lesson.  Moshe Feldenkrais (R) has developed over 1000 movement lessons.  Since your brain is very intelligent your body will do what it needs to do through the movements to bring you to a whole new place in your body.  Most people find that pain is reduced. They feel lighter, more grounded and move much easier.

Adults – Anti-Aging and Vitality

As we age we start to think that loosing movement, having aches and pains is natural. It is anything but natural.  I have noticed that most as they start to have aches and pains and movement decreases also start losing cognition in their brain.

As women go through perimenopause, I have noticed most women get frozen shoulder, foggy brain and other aches and pains.  This is a great time to do movement lessons.    I found for myself that my frozen shoulder went away, I did not have foggy brain, my bladder improved and aches and pains are not part of my life.

I would like to encourage you to start doing these lessons today to live a life full of vitality, creating organic learning doing movement lessons and getting a natural face lift as well.   You are worth it!!

Putting into practice the use of Anat Baniel’s 9 essentials

How you will change and how this will make positive changes to you.

Doing movement lessons to feel and sense yourself and how you feel during the lesson.

  1. movement with attention – putting order in the disorder
  1. Slow – brings the I wonder
  1. Subtlety – less force
  1. Variation – to create change
  1. The learning switch – waking up the brain
  1. Enthusiasm – noticing the small changes and acknowledging them
  1. Flexible Goals – seeing other possibilities
  1. Imagination & Dreams – showing the power of the mind
  1. Awareness – being in the “now”


Current classes are located at Healthy Body Moves:

Monday 6:00-6:55  Small group of up to 8

Friday 10-10:55  Small group of up to 8

Class located at Oasis of Healing and Salt Room

Friday 1:30-2:25pm  Minimum 4 maximum 7

Oasis of Healing and Spa