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There are two ways that this method is done:


First, is a hand on with myself.  One on one lesson is done with gently, easy moves, noticing where you move easily and amplifying that and allowing for more connection in the rest of your body.  The lesson is 45 minutes in length, however if you have learning as much as you can in less time the lesson is over.   Your brain will take the information and use it the way that best suits your body at that time.  Each lesson adds unto the next, creating greater changes.

I highly recommend that you do 3-5 lessons for best results.

Second, is a group class where I will guide you and the others through a movement lesson giving cues that take you from the impossible to the possible.  Each class is anywhere from 45-55 minutes in length.  Each cue helps you understand different ways of moving toward what is best for you during the lesson.  It is great to see adults in the NOW moving forward to create a more fulfilling life.

1:1 Sessions

Karen provides 1:1 Sessions using the Nine Essentials (R)

Transform Your Life Through NeuroMovement (R) by Anat Baniel:

1 – Movement with Attention Bring attention to what you feel as you move. Your brain will immediately start building billions of new neurological connections to help you change, learn, and transform.

2 – Slow Slow way down to learn new skills and overcome limitations. Fast you can only do what you already know. Slow stimulates the formation of rich new neural patterns.

3 – Variation Introduce variation and playfulness into everything you do. Your brain will get the information it needs to create new possibilities in movements, thoughts, and actions.

4 – Subtlety Reduce the force with which you move, think, and act. Developing greater sensitivity will enhance your brain’s ability to perceive the finest of differences.

5 – Enthusiasm Practice enthusiasm in your daily life. Enthusiasm tells your brain what is important to you, amplifying whatever that is and infusing it with energy to grow more.

6 – Flexible Goals Know your goals and embrace all the unexpected steps, mis-steps, and re-routes along the way. These are a rich source of valuable information for your brain.

7 – The Learning Switch For the brain to properly do its job, the learning switch needs to be turned ON. Expect that you will do, think, or learn something new in each situation, even familiar ones.

8 – Imagination & Dreams Imagine how to carry out your tasks and dream up as many possibilities as you can. Imagination & dreams guide your brain to continue growing and developing.

9 – Awareness Become aware of what you are doing, sensing, thinking, and experiencing at any given moment. When you are awaring, your brain is working at its highest level.


For more information or to book a session please contact Karen.

Adults:  Back, neck and shoulder pain are common in today’s working environment.  Walking and being out of balance can cause other pains such as foot, knee, and hip.   With the Neuromovement lessons (R) you will notice differences immediately, surprising most people. neck, headache testimonial

Musician’s:  Pain is sometimes part of being a musician.  You can learn movements to move with ease and enjoy playing your instrument’s for a long time.   Doing movement lessons frees your diaphragm allowing your voice to be full and easy.

Athlete’s:  The best kept secret.  Most golfers, runners and other athletes find that running becomes easier, golfing you can reduce the number of strokes when you move better.  Golf testimony open here

Vitality & Anti-Aging: You may find as you age you start to loose control of your bladder, your eyesight goes, you get a foggy brain, your feet, knees, neck, shoulder, back and other body parts feel like the warrantee has gone .  These are not the sign of aging, but we have come to believe they are normal.  With moving through your body in a way that turns on your learning switch you will find more oxygen gets to your brain, your blood flows better and you preform better than when you were younger.

The brain is plastic from cradle to grave, you will learn more and life will become so much more exciting as you start to think in new ways and experience life with more joy and vitality!