Life changes again!

I’m so excited
after studying with Elinor Silverstein in May it is like my whole world has changed. The old saying, change the way you see the world and your world will change.

As many of you know I continue to learn and evolve myself and my business. It feels like it has been a long time since I participated in a live training and it was so fulfilling. The learning was amazing and beyond what I expected.

The above picture was Elinor doing the “heart hug”, created by Linda Tellington-Jones. It is a thing I have shared sometimes in class.

We also learned how using the Feldenkrais (R) Method will increase oxytocin levels scientifically proven.

Part of the study over the weekend was learning how the gut and brain function, increasing the mobility of our organs and digestive track. The touch is very gentle, such as the weight of half a grape. Using these gentle touches have created so many changes in the people I have worked with since that time and with myself as well.

Just a thought to entertain, if there are any tight muscle touching another muscle can this cause the other muscle to be tight? For instant if your psoas muscle is tight and acting more like fascia than a flexible muscle, how will this affect the use of your diaphragm, your kidneys, your liver and other vital organs?

Sometimes new learning like this takes a while to digest, but when I saw first hand the immediate changes to someone that had excruciating shoulder pain and a challenge breathing for more than three months and it disappeared after a 20 minute lesson, my view has changed.

I have seen the miracles, the changes in children and people of all ages, the brain becoming more cognitive and aware of life and it’s surroundings.

Elinor has encouraged us to do this every night before falling asleep.

Feeling so thankful for the blessings of the pioneers that change the world for better overall health through knowledge and l awareness.

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