For any high performer—a musician, an athlete, a brilliant teacher, a CEO, a writer, or a sculptor—to keep performing at a high level, it requires continued learning, change, and progress in the area of expertise.

 However, it is much harder for the high performer to make meaningful improvements in performance than it is for the beginner. This requires the brain to resume the process of increasing refinement, richness, and complexity of connections which lead to transformational breakthroughs in performance.

High performers cannot continue to rely on the already existing successful patterns and habits. Repetitions tend to groove more deeply the already existing brain patterns—both the effective patterns and the limiting ones.


For group classes your brain will change;

  • clarity of thought
  • move through all joints including your organs
  • feel and look younger after a group class
  • feel and sense your body with more awareness
  • run, walk, golf better
  • better sleep

One of my clients says “everyone over 60 will benefit from doing these classes”.   That is one way to look at it, however all ages benefit.   We are sitting more than ever on our jobs which requires and upgrade to the way we treat our mind/body/spirit connection.   Doing movements that are designed to increase mental capacity, thinking, contribute to more fun and creative ways of doing your job and life.   What else is possible?

Join group classes 

    Client with Parkinsons, 2 hip replacements, and donated a kidney
    • What would you do to create more of what you want in your life?


    You will see significant improvement in everyday chores, sleeping patterns, mood, increased alertness and awareness, better balance greater problem-solving skills, improved speech.
    •  “I  would like to begin by acknowledging that the land on which I work on  is the land traditionally used by the Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabe and Neutral People. I also acknowledge the enduring presence and deep traditional knowledge and philosophies of the Indigenous People with whom we share this land today.”



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