Case Studies

Learn about the benefits of the treatments used by Karen at Healthy Body Moves by reading about the experiences and results some of her clients.


Case Study 1

Feldenkrais and Autism : Jared’s Story

Feldenkrais has changed Jared’s life. Read about his progress as reported by his parents.

Changes in Jared after beginning ABM lessons:


  • No tripping up the stairs, better balance
  • Asked for help to stop biting nails
  • Playing with a dinky car normally
  • No arm flailing when running
  • Printing “I love you mom!”


  • Throwing and catching a ball!!
  • Much better overhead arm movement
  • Very interested in football
  • Built a security checkpoint for our trip to Kingston (imaginative play)


  • Less tripping up the stairs and when running down a hill
  • Toes aren’t pointed as bad
  • Not leaning forward so much when walking up stairs or running
  • Arms are looser at sides (not tucked in like a bird’s wings), less flapping when running
  • Throwing ball better in the ball pit
  • Printing “buddy” was awesome
  • Asking to wear glasses
  • Playing nicely at funworx
  • Giving high 5 more accurately
  • Dancing to “I like to move it”


  • Huge improvement in pencil grip and forming letters
  • More symbolic play – cars with the city rug mat
  • Used computer
  • Doing more puzzles on own, a bit easier for him


  • More sensitive to cold and pain (camping with 4 sweaters)
  • Lots of interest in writing, crafts, model helicopter
  • Trying to turn door knobs, but still difficult
  • Wrote “J” with the hook the right way
  • Doing up own seat belt


  • Copying “happy birthday tyler” on his own from a piece of paper I’d written it on and didn’t lose his place.  Letters were neat and in a straight line but he started words at the bottom of the page.  Good spacing.  Still struggling reading some numbers. Stuck on the teens, but better after 20.
  • Big improvement in printing numbers but still tricky.
  • Peeling stickers off the page himself.  Never done before.
  • Asking for “more massage” – back , neck, head, arms, legs.  Never wanted to be touched before and couldn’t stand it for more than 2 seconds without squirming.

AFTER 12 SESSIONS: (June 27, 2008)

  • SINGING!  Becoming more vocal and less embarrassed.
  • Said the word ‘elephant’ correctly on his own.
  • Said ‘I’m sorry’ to his sister without prompting
  • Actually referred to his sister as ‘My sister’.  (He usually claims he doesn’t have one at all and omits her from family drawings)
  • Balance/posture on bike is now straight.
  • Sleeping through the night more consistently.


  • Is opening tricky door handles
  • Had no social problems at a BBQ in an enclosed area with relatively unfamiliar kids, and his sister
  • When I tell him Karen is coming now, he says “okay”.
  • Karen notices he is much more relaxed and willing to be touched
  • Finally said the word “hospital” correctly, on his own
  • Played with a neighbour kid and his sister without incident (never happened before where they talked nicely, compromised and enjoyed themselves)
  • Advocate through me:  is now asking for help more consistently when his words don’t work, instead of using physical aggression as his next mode (there is still some physical aggression)
  • Loves to spin and can control himself when he is dizzy
  • Less fear in the pool:  doesn’t mind water on his face now
  • Sleeping more soundly and through the night consistently; waking up later (7/7:30 vs. 5:30 or 6)
  • Drawings are becoming more complex and detailed (drew a dinosaur being hit by a meteor)
  • Really enjoying playing tackle and wrestling games
  • Finally interested in the computer and learning to maneuver keys

Case Study 2

Another child on the spectrum

This child was 4 when he first started to see me.  He was a twin.  He was very restless, no focus, movement was not easy, still in diapers, didn’t call his mom, mom or his dad, dad.  He was just so unaware of his surroundings and his body.

His father was so excited and noticed  changes after each lesson.

He would walk alternating feet down the stairs.

He became calm in school and was able to sit during a concert.

He started playing on the playground, climbing on the ladders and other play ground equipment.

He started to tell his father when he had to use the toilet, this was a huge change for the whole family.

When drawing, he added all family members in and went from a disorganized drawing to a very organized drawing.

He started to call “mommy” and “daddy”.  All huge changes for the family!

These lessons were done by intensives 2 lessons per day for 4-5 days.  Once a month over 6-8 months.


Case Study 3

Boy with Cerebral Palsy and Dystonia

This child is a 5 year old boy that is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and dystonia.

He had many lessons in his life and his learning switch is on.  He was taken to Dr. Nuzzo in New Jersey for a special procedure called SPML. I saw him a week after the procedure and it was like a new canvas to start over. His dystonia was much less in his arms, his hips were ready to be reprogrammed.

He was so amazing to work with after this procedure.  He became even more pliable in his body, able to use his walker better and use his hands better for eating.

This is still only a few months after the procedure, but the differences are amazing.  Will keep you updated as I see more.

10 month old with a very heavy head, swelling in his brain at birth.

1st lesson connected his head to his pelvis to get facilitate lifting and moving him easier. He was even better able to hold up his own head after that powerful lesson.

Started to teach him to roll over. He became very efficient at rolling over and uses it as a way to get around.

Next he learned to creep a little and is doing amazing with a very happy disposition.