Continued Changes With Children

Child with Cerebral Palsy

I have been seeing some kids with amazing brains. Children learn so quickly and learn what they are taught and sometimes, they stop at a point that doesn’t facilitate change that will give them the opportunity to move forward or anywhere for that matter.

One young fellow was great at sitting with straight legs, but was unable to move his pelvis, bend his knees, support himself with his hands as they were very busy in his mouth.

When he learned to bend his knees, move his pelvis, his hands started to come to the table more often, which brought him to move much more fluently. He is now creepy around, has much more enthusiasm to get to his toys, drink or food.

It is awesome to see the spark in a child’s eye, how proud they become when they are ABLE to do more and be more because they learn to MOVE.

Moshe always said, “Movement is life, without movement there is no life.” This to me is the spark in the child’s eye or the adult as well. When the spark is gone, we need to notice that and bring it back.

Without purpose people don’t dare do anything, they don’t want to move forward, become depressed and change into being complacent or live with mediocrity.

We are born to stand out, to be exceptional, to be dynamic. What can you do with your child?

Notice when they are aware of their surroundings
Engage your child where they are at
Start to notice what their abilities are
Laugh with them
Play games and have fun
When this doesn’t happen, don’t wait, seek professional help.

Movement is the language of the brain and can change all that for your child, typical or special. Movement lessons can bring a whole new life to your child or your family.

Start watching for my ebook for Kids Moving!! It is fun and interactive for the whole family. Even getting Grandma and Grandpa in on the act will change their brain patterns and keep them, their brain and their bodies moving better and their minds more active.

It is important no matter your age to get down on the floor and crawl around. It is great to increase cognitive and behavioral way of being. I cannot express this enough.

Play with your toes and fingers. The nerve endings and neuro connections can create more than is expected in your life.

Remember also to laugh often as it brings your body from a state of survival to a state of thriving which will increase your overall health and well-being.

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Wishing you a wonderfilled life of blessings, joy and playfulness!

Karen toth

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