Our Mission

Healthy Body Moves was founded on the principle that everyone is capable of transformation and healthy living.

To inspire 1,000,000 people to Learn, Move, Grow!


Our Principles

  • Build great relationships.
  • Engage people’s hearts first—then their minds.
  • Create immediate and sustainable results.
  • Create change at every level in an organization.
  • Provide life-altering experiences that produce change.
  • Ensure that everyone reaches one’s greatest potential.

Our Values

  • Every individual is unique.
  • Respect is the key to human dignity!
  • Work is about pride in oneself and in one’s abilities.
  • Everyone has the potential to find one’s life’s work.

Our Promise

  • We will create transformational experiences.
  • We will improve performance.
  • We will improve the brain one movement at a time.
  • We will improve self esteem.
  • We will create leaders.

Karen Toth

Karen Toth, author, speaker and founder of Healthy Body Moves, helps people experience the wealth that comes from an inspired holistic approach to living. 


“When I met you my knees were in bad condition. Using the Feldenkrais method you have worked a miracle.  Through my weekly sessions, my ability to walk has increased significantly and the pain abated. Thank you for giving me back my life.” ~ Pamela

Feldenkrais is a new experience for me and one that truly seems to take the stress out of my back and shoulders.
~ Caroline



Healthy Body Moves is moving into the life you were meant to live!

Movement done slow, small and creating more possibilities.  If you don’t like your back pain,  you can change that.

If you would like to see your child develop to their fullest potential, you can take the steps to create that change.  It does take time, changes happen after every lesson.